The real Portugal’s Pine Nut.

PineFlavour is made of passion for the Mother Nature
and care for everyone’s health.

Respect for Mother Nature

Everything we transform and produce comes from our environment. The raw material is offered to us by Nature, and it should be respected for all the value that represents to each producer and our partners; for each business and local communities.

Portugal Proud

PineFlavour recognizes the true stone pine tree’s value, as intends to worth each and every Portuguese Pine’s producer. Acknowledging this products’ worth is crucial to its appraisal when transforming the material.

Processes that preserve

Our Corporate Culture is based on the technological process in which we create our product. The Pine specialists are proud of its production method and technique, essential aspect in preserving the pine nut natural characteristics.

Facilities and Productive Capacity

PineFlavour was created in response to the global market demands. The modern facilities aligned with the high-end technology applied on the pine nut processing, allow us to offer a unique product, of undisputable quality.

The best technology and the best requirement.

We are treated with the best of Nature: we can not demand anything less than the best of each one of us.

Our method combines the modernity of science with the awareness of the preservation of the natural state of the pine nut. We are equipped with the best technology in this industry, and align it with the technique and requirement of each of our employees.

Nature: we believe in giving back all that is’s given to us.

Since our formation we know that Mother Nature should always be taken very seriously.

Our performance is based on a Cradle-to-Cradle line of thought. We believe in giving excellence back to the environment: we respect and defend Mother Nature as if we depended on it, as in fact we do.

Innovation is in our blood.

At Pine, pursuing innovation is a daily necessity.

We started helping our producers improve the pine cone; we are updating treatment methods and processes, and we only stop at the most efficient way of taking our products home from the consumer.